Vision Training

Vision Training Program

Our mission“To complement the way athletes prepare for competition by bringing applied sport science research to the athletic community.”

Traditional methods for match preparation include strength and conditioning, optimal nutrition, fatigue and injury prevention, sleep, scheduled practice, and opponent scouting sessions. While all these approaches are very important, a major component missing from many programs is perceptual-cognitive skills training.

Specificity and transferability of training is of the utmost importance to us. We want to ensure that the way our athletes train will transfer to competition environments when it’s game time. We are very careful in collecting relevant content and designing programs for the sports we understand, and all our methods are based in validated research practices.

Our approach is designed to improve reaction time and accuracy within a specific sport context, for the exact position played, and with correct movement responses; assisting each athlete individually in improving how they see and react to the game.

Neural adaptations seen from this type of training require long-term commitments to learning for optimal information processing improvements. Because these enhancements require our athletes to spend a minimum amount of time, we are only taking athletes who can commit to the 6-week training cycle detailed below.

Incoming assessment

  • Sport performance evaluation
  • Game-like reaction time and accuracy assessment

Training Schedule

  • 6-weeks
  • 3x per week
  • 30-minute training sessions
  • Game-like visualizations and response focused training
  • Total game-like repetitions equal to more than an entire competition season over each 6-week cycle

Performance Analysis

  • Post training game-footage evaluation
  • Assessment of reaction time and response accuracy

Current Sports and Positions

  • Volleyball
  • Middle Blocking
  • Backrow Defense
  • Baseball
  • Batting
  • Infielding

Future Sports

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Lacrosse