Recovery Packages

Recovery days are just as important as your training days. Norton Performance offers several options for recovery including dry cupping therapy, pressure and ice boots and laser therapy. Join today and start recovering right.

Semi-Pro Recovery Package*

  • Dry cupping therapy.
  • Pressure boots.
  • Stem.
  • Ice boots.
  • 1 Laser Therapy Treatment per month.

Big League Recovery Package*

  • Dry cupping therapy.
  • Pressure boots.
  • Stem.
  • Ice boots.
  • Unlimited Laser Therapy treatments per month.

Laser Therapy Only Plans

NP Athletes – Special Pricing*

$99 – 3 Treatments

$199 – 6 Treatments

$299 – 10 Treatments


About our recovery options and results

Lightforce Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy accelerates your body’s own natural healing process through photo-bio-stimulation. Laser therapy provides concrete benefits to your body. Laser therapy is effective in treating:

  • Chronic conditions including back, neck, joint and muscle pain.
  • Acute conditions including headaches.
  • Post surgical pain.
  • Inflammation.
  • Sports injuries including shin splints and cartilage damage.
  • Nerve damage.
  • And more!
The Science

Photobiomodulation therapy is defined as a form of light therapy that utilizes non-ionizing light sources, including lasers, light emitting diodes, and/or broadband light, in the visible (400 – 700 nm) and near-infrared (700 – 1100 nm) electromagnetic spectrum. It is a nonthermal process involving endogenous chromophores eliciting photophysical (i.e., linear and nonlinear) and photochemical events at various biological scales. This process results in beneficial therapeutic outcomes including but not limited to the alleviation of pain or inflammation, immunomodulation, and promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration. The term photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy is now being used by researchers and practitioners instead of terms such as low level laser therapy (LLLT), cold laser, or laser therapy.

The fundamental principles that underpin photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy, as currently understood in the scientific literature, are relatively straightforward. There is consensus that the application of a therapeutic dose of light to impaired or dysfunctional tissue leads to a cellular response mediated by mitochondrial mechanisms that reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing.

Pressure Boots

Rapid Reboot compression technology speeds up your body’s natural healing processes by enhancing blood flow to your muscles to facilitate cellular repair and protein synthesis, boosting lymphatic drainage to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling, and mobilizing waste products such as lactic acid and excess fluids. What you’ll notice is less stiffness and soreness, as well as increased mobility and flexibility.

Stem – Marc Pro

Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are unique electrical stimulation devices that are able to provide substantial recovery and pain relief benefits. These are not TENS devices; which are intended to mask pain while connected. These are not traditional muscle stimulators; which use harsh and fatiguing muscle contractions to tone or re-educate muscle. A 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro is easy, comfortable, and is often done while you’re relaxing on the couch reading or watching television. A Marc Pro session uses proprietary and patented technology to create non-fatiguing muscle contractions that flush out waste and deliver nourishment to the area. This is the foundation of recovery, conditioning, and lasting pain relief.

Ice Boots – Game Ready Wraps

Game Ready Systems combines portable and multi-modality control units, anatomically designed and specialized wraps, and a range of accessories to bring you proven, comprehensive, and comfortable treatment options – including cold therapy, heat therapy, rapid contrast therapy, and intermittent compression therapy. The results are a quicker recovery with lasting results, especially for sports injuries and sports related surgeries.

Dry Cupping Therapy

Cupping increases the blood flow to sore areas in muscles, providing important nutrients to the area that promote healing. It can also provide pain relief by exciting small nerves inside muscles so that they release pain-killing chemicals. Cupping can provide pain relief and help ease the symptoms of many common disorders of the bones and muscles. You may benefit from cupping if you suffer from neck, shoulder, low back or foot pain, and it’s even been shown to be effective for osteoarthritis!

*Billed monthly until cancelled